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So, as many of you know me and my beautiful boy Calypso fought a valiant and tuff fight against a very strong and bad case of fin and body rot. Last weeks after many many treatments and months of suffering I decided his back was only getting worse and I decided to uthenize him, he is now whole and swimming under the rainbow bridge.

My question is, I have a 2.5gallon tank with sponge filter and to the best of my knowledge it is cycled as my levels are always good with water changes the way I have been doing them. So I don't know if I should just do like a 100%water change ,as there is still a bit of medicine in it, and then squeeze out the filter in dechlorinated but clean water and call it good and keep it running until I find a new boy. Or, if I need to take it all apart and clean it down thoroughly and start over? I also though if I needed to start over I can squeeze the filter from the other guys tank into the cleaned one to get a bit of debree and bacteria from the filter to help it get going again or should I just use the bacteria starter I have?

Any advice is god as I am going to the city on Thursday and I may get a new boy if I find the right one. Also, does anyone know where to get elephant ears in Canada?. The pet stores here don't carry a ton of variety as I see so many different kinds on here that I have never seen in any store.

Much appreciated for any advice.
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