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Tank idea?

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No pics at the moment, but I have a tank with just a conch shell in it, nothing else (oh, except my beautiful Pog!) and I was wondering about your opinions. I might put some aquatic plants at the edges? I think it gives the tank an open feel.

Have you guys tried this? and I have the shell in there for a reason, Ph, KH, and calcium, I keep snails too :p
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If you think that the Shell Idea is good for your tank, then okay!
Live Plants will do the tank some good. It would help with the Ammonia, Nitrites, and everything else. It would also provide some cover for your Betta Fish.
Just adding a bit to what LebronTheBetta said. Live plants are a great idea. Moss balls are very popular with the fish's. I have them in all my tanks and my Betta's love them! I have also heard java fern is a good Betta plant, but I've never tried it. Also beach glass is a good addition to a Betta home. But be sure to boil it for five minutes AND let it cool before adding it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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