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I need tank temp advice everyone T-T

So I came back from college. I set up my 10 gallon tank on the lanai (it's a screened in portion of the house that's exposed to the outside, but not in direct sunlight), since my mom demanded it can't be in her kitchen, like it normally is. So my question is, how do I keep my water at a stable temperature? The tank is NOT in direct sunlight, but it gets pretty warm here in Georgia, USA during the day. I want to keep my tank temp at a max of 80 degrees, preferably between 76-78 degrees F (I have corry fish, tetra, a betta, and a snail inside the tank). What would you recommend I do, to try and keep the water from getting too warm, since there isn't a spot inside my house I can keep my 10 gallon tank? The garage gets smoldering warm, so I'm NOT putting my fish there (nor my attic for the same reason).
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