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Tannins - why?

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I just had my first run in with betta sickness. My EE male either has fin rot or is a biter, i'm not certain just yet. Last night I added driftwood and planted my other bettas tank (Halfmoon male) with Anubias nana and Water Wisteria and dosed a very, very small amount of Seachem Flourish. This morning I woke up and now he has popeye. :-( While reading on treatments, each person had different methods... epsom salt, aq salt, Maracyn and so on. One thing that was coming up consistently however was tannins. More specifically, IAL or oak leaves. Even in the Disease forum, a member recommended I add tannins (IAL, Rooibos tea, Oak, etc) to the EE's tank.

What's the purpose of darkening the water for a Betta/sick fish? Do these tannins help heal the fish or simply make it feel secure and stress-free? If my EE is indeed a biter then i'm very interested in any natural way to reduce stress and stop the biting. Any information is appreciated. :)
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Tannins are mildly antiseptic, but more importantly it makes the little fish happier, which gives them more energy to fight whatever's bothering them.
Thanks Tea, luckily we have 3 giant oaks around our house. Should I be floating the leaves at the surface or crushing them up and adding with water changes? Also, I saw something about acclimation and it affecting pH... if mine is 7.6, how much would it change it?
I just learned about tannins when I put mopani wood in my tanks..last week lol. And my melting plants with an overdose of Seachem freaked me out! I removed the mopani and boiled the wood real good, then sanded it real well (Bubblo has a fin ripping problem). The tannins are much lighter, and I love the look. Bubblo has even built a bubble nest, first in a long time. And, I got a free syringe with partial ML markings for the Seachem with my $300.00 vet bill. Here's a pic of the water with the tannins after a few days:
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If you use oak leaves, make sure they're natural fallen, completely dried, and 100% chemical free. It's really important that they've not been treated with anything. I'd just float them in the tanks, my guys like to build nests under their IALs. I think it's a very gentle change in Ph, I wouldn't worry about that over much.
Is the natural fallen part critical? I went outside and pulled some off the branches and have them sitting out to dry. The yard is treated for fleas and other bugs so fallen leaves aren't an option for me unfortunately.
Oh I'd avoid using them then... Idk how much of that gets sucked up into the leaves...
Yeah I don't think the risk is worth it. What about an IAL extract like this? I assume this will still provide the same benefits without the actual leaf floating at the surface?
I think that is a great idea :3
I think that is a great idea :3
Do you know if tannins from mopani wood are the same as tannins from oak leaves?
I think tannins are tannins. I can't imagine they're any different. Not a doctor though.
Thanks for all the help Tea, I just ordered some of the IAL extract. Can't wait to see how my boy reacts to it. :)
It can really perk them up, esp in the bubble nest dept :3
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