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Temp is stable without a heater???

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Because the ambient temperature is warmer now, I've turned off my heater in my tank. Its been off for a few days now and the ambient temperature has fluctuated greatly, but my tank's temperature has more or less stayed the same when I expected the tank's temperature to drop. I have a filter in my tank so maybe the moving water is keeping a steady temperature?? Does this happen to anyone else?:-?
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Yeah, it depends on where you are but I took my heaters out as well and the larger ones have mostly stayed the same. More of the temp fluctuation issues come from tanks that are smaller than 5 gallons, the less water you have the less it is stable in all aspects.
LOTS of people turn off their heaters in the summer. That's how I figured out that I didn't need them in the winter either. As lil pointed out, smaller tanks are more susceptible to temperature swings so keep an eye on that.
You're lucky jaycee! I still do >.<
Oh well! :roll:
I have heaters in my quarantine tanks, for heat treatments. It's something agent13 and I have been talking about for some time - my unheated tanks are consistently 4-5 degrees warmer than the ambient air. Even the 2.5 gallon. She had to check for herself. It will be interesting to see what happens when we set my tanks up at her place :)
Warmer? Well that's certainly a new one for me! Maybe it's the humidity that is helping it? Huh, well that's certainly interesting for sure and I wish my tanks had the same thing but alas, it's a tad bit colder up here and I live on a hollow of a hill which means all the cold settles here. We always have +2 inches more than the valley below us (not that we're THAT far of a distance but apparently its enough), more rain and more ice. At least in the summer its usually a bit cooler, the trees help with that.

Sorry for throwing the thread off track a bit!
Jaysee, I expected my tank's temp to go down into the high 60s. I have a thermometer in my plant 1 gallon bowl and it read 68 and that's what I expected my 2.5 to be, but its surprisingly stable, I check it ever few hours cause I'm paranoid but its staying at a constant 78-80 degrees
Living in Florida helps with the temperature in my tank lol. I've only just bought my betta but haven't had a chance to buy a heater. Water stays a nice 78 during the day and 77 at night. I keep a towel over the tank (showing only the front) which seems to do a great job of preventing the AC cool room (not under the AC) from chilling all sides of the tank. His water is much warmer than the room. I check his temperature every 40-60 minutes or whenever I can and I haven't had any problems for the 3.5 weeks I've had him :).
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