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Testing a divided tank

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Opinions from folks who have had divided tanks for a while. I just set up my divided 20g long over the weekend.

I strictly shouldn't really have to do a lot of testing since I keep up a weekly 75% water change on all my tanks - and they are all cycled, but I still do test them twice a week as well (paranoid). Do those of you with divided tanks test each section? I suppose if you're just using craft mesh, it wouldn't be necessary to test more than one section. But my tank is divided 3 ways, and I'm using corrugated plastic as the main part of the divider with small areas of mesh just to facilitate water flow. I have a filter in each compartment.
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I used to have a divided tank for 2 Bettas. It was really good, worked well (it was custom built btw) But the only issues were that a lot of algae collected on the divider.. And once, after one of the original fish died and I got a new Betta, the new guy was a digger so he got under a corner of the divider and so they almost started fighting and I panicked and scooped him out in a small glass cup.. Lol.
ANYWAY, it works great basically aside from algae build up and possible escapes.
I have snails and shrimp, so I think algae won't be a problem. And the dividers go ceiling to floor, so no chance of escape. I guess I'll just test all 3 sections until I either realize they all test the same or I realize they all need to be tested separately long term :)
Where is your filter? If it's near the openings or you have multiple filters on both sides, you're probably good just testing one side.
I have a filter in each section.
If you've got a filter in both sections helping push the water through, then I wouldn't worry about testing both sections.
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