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Thank you!

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For the advice about my return to the world of Bettas last week. So the tank I got, 2.5 gallon with a divider so 2 males could be kept...was, after reading a lot more her, no doubt too small for both of them. And sadly, the more hyper of the pair I got, was down for the count on the 4th day :|

He joined the children's frogs in the side beds. And Ghost has inherited the whole tank and seems *much* more pleased with the new situation. He even built a bubble nest two days later, which was promptly swirled into oblivion when I did a water change the next day.

He's trained me nicely - he comes to the front and dances a pretty betta dance and I will often give him a food pellet. Not TOO often, since I don't want to overfeed him. He's trainable too - if he misses it and loses sight of it, I hover my finger over it, and he goes right to it and snatches it.

He'll remain the sole occupant of the tank.

PS the kids' bettas, Indigo and Firetail, are also doing well. I did let them each pick out one apple snail, and both snail and fish seem to be getting along fine in each tank. In retrospect, my little girl picking a black snail when she has mostly black gravel in the tank might not have been such a good plan...she's always asking me to help her find the snail...
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Glad to see you and your children are enjoying your bettas so much :D
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