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That sad feeling when the pair takes no interest in each other...

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So, I have been conditioning my pair, getting live food cultures up and going, and now have everything set up and ready for a spawn attempt...

Wednesday morning, I put my pair in the spawning tank. (Mesh corner for the female.) They didn't seem stressed by it, not unhappy looking at all, acted normal.

They took zero interest in each other. She flared when she saw him in the distance, gave no reaction when he came close. He flared a couple times, but then seemed to confirm that it was a female... And did nothing.

Overnight he did build a bubble nest, like he does every night, so I had a bit of hope.

Yesterday, I let her out of the corner.

Well, they have been in there a day and a half. There has been no fighting, no attempts at mating, and really no interest shown on either side. She is hanging out on the left, he is hanging out on the right. They are perfectly happy to eat side by side and even sleep in the same area of the tank at night.:roll:

I was ready to be disappointed if they started fighting, showing serious aggression, etc... But if I didn't know better, I would think they were happy tank mates. (I am going to take her out tomorrow afternoon whether anything happens or not.)

Is this pair just hopeless? Should I try another month of conditioning and then take the challenge again? Or just give up on them and pick up another girl?
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I would try one more time before getting another girl. It certainly doesn't seem like they're getting stressed or injured from it.
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