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:wave: I just wanted to let people know that I am documenting my aquarium progress and putting it on youtube. It takes a while for this stuff to get all edited and put on youtube so the stuff will probably come out monthly or something I am not sure. I am mainly just documenting right now, as far as care goes, I could be doing better, and could be doing worse.
This first one is of my aquarium set up and of fishy getting sick with the constipation and treating that. My aquarium is already in a different stage.
It says parental advisory because I need to work on not cussing.

Here is a link to my first video which I just got posted.

If you want to find it direcly by searching youtube it's:

The Betta Chronicles - Episode 1: Fish Tank Set Up Nightmare (don't put sand with your betta)

Feel free to interact and communicate with me. I am not used to live planting or full maintenance and this has gotten a bit tricky so having someone to talk to in the struggle is always a plus because the struggle is real. :frown2:
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