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The fair fish story prelude

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I was floating in my egg with my bothers and sisters waiting for the time where I could free myself. My brothers and sisters have started to. I now have. There is this yellow stuff on the underside of all of us and it slowly disappears. This shape comes and puts these weird things in our container. I try to eat one. It tastes really good. <a few days later> they have stopped giving us the yummy food and we all eat these flakes. I swim with my brothers and sisters as we get stronger. A few of us have died. <weeks later(only a few)> The shape comes again. This time it has a large scoopy thingy. He scoops out my siblings and puts them in tiny bags. Help! Its dark and I'm scared! We start on this ride somewhere and we end up somewhere called the Ulster County Fair. They have large fish in over crouded tanks and I'm worried that's my fate. But they put me in a barrel and I meet my new friend Loach.
"So they brought you here to" he said
" yeah it stinks here"
" tell me about it"
One moment I am swimming happily in a large container and now I'm here."
" same here"
I liked Loach. He was calm and cool. The first day of the fair came and I heard voices all around me. People were playing this game to win fish! This gave me strong hopes. Days passed I still wasn't taken out of here. Neither was loach. At the final day of the fair I was overly hot and underly cared for. At the end of the day I was scared. That's when I heard it.
"I won two!" It said
A lady picked me up out of this can and brought me to a person with wild blonde hair. I liked her. And guess who else was coming with me... Loach! The girl did not name us right there but she did go to a store and get an orange cylinder. We got to our new home and she put us in a bowl and said it was temperary. She also spoke of setting up a tank for us in a Sunday. A few days passed and I sensed something wasn't right. Loach had a red mark on his nose and we got new water every day and the contents of the cylinder were not the things I got weeks ago. But she saw us and had a smile on her face when she did. Sunday. I woke up but something wasn't right. I looked at Loach and he wasn't moving. Someone yelled up to the girl that this wasn't good and she came down and saw Loach. She took him out of the bowl and flushed him. Then she did what I would have done if I could. She started crying. She took me out and put me in a smaller container and cleaned my old one hard. She took out water to heat up. But I knew it was time. In that few hours after Loach's death I couldn't bear it. So I knew it was time. So I let all feeling leave my body and I died. It was peaceful. Didn't hurt. I ended up somewhere called under the rainbow bridge and found Loach waiting for me. We didn't want to leave our girl. So we went back as invisible spirits watching her. We were everywhere for her. Even int the spaces of this story. But we might have to go back to under the rainbow bridge. But not now. She needs us. THE END.
This story dedicated to Comet and Loach August 2013 to 1 week later. Swim in peace my friends. (I put a picture of the two friends with Loach's weird red mark.):cry:(If you would like this from Loach's point of view please post it in the comments below)


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It's so sad. I'm sorry for your loss. Sip
It's ok
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