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If they are planted you can probably go 3 or 4 weeks between water changes, you can add Prime for the tank volume when you top off.

Is there a neighborhood teenager who could help you for a few bucks or do you have a friend you could ask (preferably one who keeps fish, you could give them plant trimmings in exchange for help)? I would happily help someone I knew as a casual friend or coworker do water changes every couple weeks.

Alternatively, sit down with your husband and tell him you can't do the water changes. My husband does not help me with my tanks currently and doesn't really care about them, but he knows they are important to me and make me happy. I know that if I couldn't take care of them he would. Maybe just sitting down and having a heart to heart conversation will help him to realize that he needs to step up and do the water changes himself.

Sorry that you are going through this, I'm sure it's frustrating.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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