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This may very the best place to ask... (please help)

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I posted the following question possibly the wrong forum but if you don't mind, visit the other thread and let me know what you think
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the first one is a girl.
the second one is a either a boy or a girl.
the third one is a boy.
the fourth one is definitely a boy.
the fifth one is a boy.
the sixth one is also a boy.
the seventh one is a boy.
the eighth/last one is either a boy or a girl.
Hope I helped!
Thank you so much. Looks like I'm on to the next breeder to acquire my sorority
This one is a female. No doubt. Nice looking lady, my betta had a sister that looked almost like this.
Congrats on caring for them. She looks nice and healthy now.
Thanks for all your help. It feels so good to have betta fish again. I'm convinced they're the best pet fish ever.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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