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Three Top Fin Torture Tanks (First Post)

Hello everyone! This is my first post. Here are some top fin (a brand that sells bad and good fish products) tanks I saw that are being sold for betta fish earlier today. (None of the photos are mine they are just the online photos of the same products I saw)


1. Stackable Studio Betta Tank (the globe-like stacked tanks.) For only $7.99 you can own a .25 gallon torture tank that the fish clearly have no space to swim, no filter (so very often water changes), no heater, and the fish can see each other in them which will stress them out and eventually lead them to death.

2. Betta Duplex Tank (the funky side by side tanks.) Priced at $11.99 you can own a .5 gallon tank that is divided into two. This tank is bad because of the lack of a filter, heater, and space. One fish will get more than the other and they can see each other which like I stated before, stresses them out.

3. Fishy Corner Betta Tank (the green triangular tank) At a price of $19.99 you can own a .5 gallon unfiltered, unheated tank. At this price, you can find a larger tank that comes with a filter! This tank may seem convenient because it can fit in a corner but is it really worth it?

In conclusion, make sure your betta is in a filtered, heated, 2.5 gallon (or more) tank. And keep standing up against betta abuse! There are always ways you can get a product taken off of the shelves, for example, talking to the manager or the company who makes the products, putting a note on the product saying "this kills betta fish (and how it does)", Telling someone interested in the product that it's bad//writing a negative review on the product warning customers to stay away from it.

Thank you for reading my post! Have a lovely day!


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