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Tiny hole in fin?

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I noticed a super tiny hole in my CT males anal fin. WTH?
I've been all through the care threads but I feel like this is an unadressed issue... :-?

He has only live plants, there is no way he has ripped on anything in his tank. Besides, it doesn't look like a rip, just a hole... grrr.
I have ruled out fin rot, from viewing other threads.
I watch him very closely and I've never seen any tail bitting or anything.
I wonder if it could be from when he flares at his reflection, he kinda darts around crazy at himself... could hard swimming have caused the tiny hole?

I will try to get a pic but I don't think it will be able to show up on camera.
He's my first CT... is this kind of thing normal for this fin type?
What can I do to help him heal?

It doesn't seem to be bothering him, so maybe I'm just freaking out too much :roll:
TY in advance guys!!
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Hi. I don't have any experience with crowntails, but those who do are likely to ask you a couple more questions. I'll go that part! Size of tank, temperature, filtration, what kind of tank maintenance do you usually do, and if you use a water test kit, what type and what were your last reading (actual numbers are helpful if you know them). That's so that they can get a better overall picture of possible causes and the best treatments.

Lots of people here do have crowntails and I'm sure they'll be able to tell you what if anything you need to do!

Pin holes can be an early sign of finrot.I would do a water change and keep a close eye on it.
I just finished a water change. I swear though, I can't see the hole now!! Go figure.
I read it could be caused by exessive flaring and overstretching of the fin.
I think that is what could have caused it, since he has been flaring a lot (working on a solution to that). Just seems weird I can't see it anymore. Maybe he's a super-self-healer. Who knows :p

But yea, I'll keep an eye on it!
TY :)
my VT betta had 3 of them at once and they were gone within 1-2 days treatment.
I have found that if you do a water change quickly after you see the pinhole and add salt to the tank that the pinhole can go away very very quickly!

Glad your fish is doing well now!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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