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Tiny Snail Mystery!

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No, I'm not talking about mystery snails, but rather, snails that I cannot identify.

I have a 15 gallon tall tank that used to occupy cichlid fry. One survived and grew to a good size, and I began to notice small snails inside the tank from time to time. I'm assuming the cichlid took care of that as I never saw them again after a while.

I gave the cichlid to a friend and turned the tank into a community tank with a male betta. Everything was normal...I bought some plants and java moss. Then I started noticing those same tiny snails that were in the tank before. Now there are so many tiny snails all over the tank I cannot keep track of their numbers.

I cannot identify these snails! They are maybe a 10th of a centimeter long at max, light and dark colored shells, trumpet shaped. I was excited to think they may be MTS but I have never had a mature snail enter the tank in order to reproduce.

Are there some freshwater species of snails that are tiny? None seem to have grown to a larger size than that, but I just am not sure about the whole thing. Has anyone run into these tiny snails before?!

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My guess is some kind of trumpet, while I have not had them breed that prolifically, I know they can. Snails of all sorts hitchhike on live plants.

If they are breeding like bunnies, that means they have found an abundance of food.

Also some eggs come as freebies with live plants. Wish mine would breed more.
I have them all the time.They reproduce by giving birth and multiply fast.Once i only had one,then i became a hundred.They reproduce asexually,it means i can reproduce without a male or a female.It is very hard to get rid of it.
I'm going to be putting some assassin snails in the tank to get them under control. I would just like to know what type of snail they are. I was kind of hoping they were mts
You can try putting in a piece of lettuce in the tank over night and they should be all over it in the morning.... it worked for me
Has anyone seen tiny snails like this before? I can't seem to find the description online
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