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No, I'm not talking about mystery snails, but rather, snails that I cannot identify.

I have a 15 gallon tall tank that used to occupy cichlid fry. One survived and grew to a good size, and I began to notice small snails inside the tank from time to time. I'm assuming the cichlid took care of that as I never saw them again after a while.

I gave the cichlid to a friend and turned the tank into a community tank with a male betta. Everything was normal...I bought some plants and java moss. Then I started noticing those same tiny snails that were in the tank before. Now there are so many tiny snails all over the tank I cannot keep track of their numbers.

I cannot identify these snails! They are maybe a 10th of a centimeter long at max, light and dark colored shells, trumpet shaped. I was excited to think they may be MTS but I have never had a mature snail enter the tank in order to reproduce.

Are there some freshwater species of snails that are tiny? None seem to have grown to a larger size than that, but I just am not sure about the whole thing. Has anyone run into these tiny snails before?!

1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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