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Too cold? Help!

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My tank is fully cycled and ready to go, I plan in getting my fish and plants today, but I have one concern: the temperature. The strip thermometer says 71° and I know that's way too cold but I also know strip thermometers are not very accurate. I have a 15 watt heater in a 5 gallon tank, the heater comes with a preset of 77° and says up to 5 gallons. Now here's the thing: I have absolutely no money to spend on a better heater or thermometer. Would a human mouth thermometer or meat thermometer give me a better reading? And is There anything I could do to make my fish happy with to he temp I have? Help!
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71 is fine! He may slow down a little bit but he sure isn't going to die from lower temperatures! My tanks are sitting around 68-72 since I took my heaters out as Spring is here and Summer soon to follow. All my fish are actually happy with the lower temperature it seems...then again, some of my fish are just really weird lol. But he'll be fine ^_^
I have mine at 72 and he seems to be okay with it, nothing to worry about.
I was told the general rule is to have 5 watts of power in the heater for every gallon of water. I got a 25 watt heater pre set at 80 degrees. My heater is made by the National Geographic organization and they did sell a smaller heater with the parameters you are writing about. Do you think you need a higher wattage heater?
I'm pretty new myself but from the experience I've had so far that he should be alright at 71. It wouldn't hurt to increase the temperature if you are ever able to, but when we first got Norman we had a 1 gal bowl and no heater, and the temperature was a steady 72-74 and he was fine. When I bought him home for a week the temp dropped to 70 a few times in the morning when it was cold, and only went up a few degrees during the day.

As for the thermometer, we have a sticky one horizontal at the bottom of the tank and we use our meat thermometer (make sure to wash it really well of course before you stick it in the tank or your meat, haha). They read about the same most of the time, but I think the stick is more actuate since it's down near the bottom.

Either way, I think he'll be good at that temp. :)
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Alright, thank you! With my new fish in it, and a lid, it's reading closer to 75, so that's good! :)
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