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Torn Fins/Stressed Out :(

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Hey everyone! So I've had my Betta for about two weeks and just last week got a nice 3 gallon tank with a filter. At first, I didn't use the filter so he could get used to it. Then the water was so nasty I turned the filter on it's lowest setting. Since I did that, he still ate, but swam around like he was spastic. Like swimming in weird circles vertical to the filter, and darting around. This morning I woke up and his tail was shredded. He's still swimming around like crazy so I turned the filter off but he looks like he's FREAKING out.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!


Uploaded with ImageShack.usThis is my tank setup. Is there anything wrong with it?

Uploaded with ImageShack.usHere's a somewhat blurry photo of my Betta. Can you see the damage?

Thank you all so much.
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Looks like he got caught in the filter a little bit.

How often are you changing the water in your tank? It should be getting filthy very quickly since he's the only one in the tank.

For treatment, just watch him around the filter or put a little nylon material around the intake so he doesn't get sucked up in it. Keep his water cleaner in the mean time too.
You should be doing 2 weekly water changes, one 50% and one 100%. Of course if you ALWAYS leave the filter on then you can do 2 50%s a week. If you turn the filter off and leave it off you will kill the bacteria and have an ammonia spike. So filter on or off, not in between

How often do you change your water? They water shouldn't get very gross with one betta.
I'm guessing that the water got nasty because there is no "Aeration" if you have something to keep the water flowing, not standing, that would help keep it oxygenated, and won't get as nasty, I noticed that from the small Pet keeper that I had my "Sammy" in for the first couple of weeks, then I moved him into a 3 gal with an aeration stone, that circulates the water, makes cool bubbles, and keeps the water fresher longer, try an aeration stone.. then just do a gravel vaccuuming every week, change 30-50% water change every 2 weeks, then a 75% in the next 2 weeks, and should be fine, also opt for real plants to give more oxygen to the water as well.. hope your fishy is ok, he is so beautiful:)
Thanks everyone!! A few more questions: Why is his tail ripped ( I do have a screen thing over the filter ) and how can I prevent this in the future? And why is he freaking out so much??

Oh and his tank is super clean. Doesn't get nasty if I have the filter on.
It looks like tailbiting to me actually.. my boy shreds his almost perfectly all the way down the edge before he starts ripping out larger uneven pieces. He also does this more often when I've just cleaned the filter since it starts out with a stronger current and can push him around with his heavy fins.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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