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Torn Fins

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I recently got some ADFs to go in my tank, about 2 days ago, and in that two days my betta has about 6 tears in his fin, not sure if its not fin rot. I'm wondering if the ADFs can do that to him, or if its the silk plants I recently got as week, about 2 months ago, I have a few plastic ones but they have been with him along time.

Just wondering what might of caused it and how i find out. and do i need to isolate him and medicate him for his fins to heal?
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Fin rot doesn't typically look like tears. It's possible he's excessively flaring at his new tank mates & he'll hopefully settle down. Can you post a pic so we can better tell?

You can see a chunk missing out of his fin, and the way it has separated in places.
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That looks like flare-tears and possibly some stress-inspired fin biting.

My feeling is, he just hates suddenly sharing his tank. What might help is to provide more cover, more silk plants or a few handfuls of java moss, so he can retreat to that and feel secure if he gets stressed, and the frogs have somewhere to hide in case the fish gets rough on them.

Or if that doesn't help, maybe get the frogs their own tank..

If your water's very clean, he'll probably heal up just fine just with that.
He doesn't really flare at the frogs since the first day. He does see his reflection a lot though. and i noticed when I fed them that the ADF was actually nipping at the betta to get him away from the food, could that be whats causing it?
possibly the nipping is your new tenents not getting along very nice just yet. They may all settle down as yet but keep an eye out- possibly sharing isnt their style and itll get worse instead of better.

If you see bigger or unmistakeable marks it may be time to put the new boys in time out to think about what they did
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