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Transferring tanks

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I know this is going to sound bad, but I was at the pet store yesterday buying dog toys and I came across this lovely betta cramped in this small container. So I decided to buy it and give it a happier life. I got this betta kit thing from the store and I went home to research. This is where the bad part comes in, I researched after I got the betta. The kit didn't come with a filter or light and I learned those are two key things to have for your betta. I also wasn't impressed with the tank size, the tank is a little less than a gallon and I learned they should at least have a 5 gallon tank. Anyway, I was wondering. I want to go out and get the filter, light, and a bigger tank. I just got my betta yesterday and I'm not sure if I should wait a while to transfer tanks or if I should do it right away. I also would appreciate some tips on what kind of filter and light to get. Thank you!! :-D
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This is a 6.6 gallon tank and it's nice and shallow which is good because bettas love shallow water as opposed to a deep tank. It allows them to get air from the surface faster. It comes with a filter, light, and hood. Fish Aquarium-14978#description-tab

This is the heater that I use. It's preset so it keeps the temp at 78°F with out you having to worry about trying to set the right temp.

You are going to need a thermometer to always keep an one on the temp to make sure your heater is working properly, sometimes heaters stop working or aren't made right so they never work from the start.

I believe this is all you need, plus de-chlorinator, food, the occasional medicine, and if you want a testing kit to test your water perimeters.

Hope this helps :) I did my best.
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Hey there :D

You're going to need a heater (5 watts per gallon) , dechlorinator (Prime by Seachem is really good), and if you want- a lot of decorations.

Technically, the minimum is 2 gallons. If you get a 2 gallon (plenty of space), you won't need a filter, so that'd save on money and energy. Of course, bigger is always better, so go with what you want. If you decide to get a 5 gallon and a filter, make sure your filter isn't too strong for your betta. If it is, you can baffle it by pulling up the U tube slightly, or by typing a filter sponge to the outlet. Apart from rinsing the tank and equipment down with hot water, and dechlorinating the water after you add it in, you're set to put your betta into the tank. Just be sure to acclimate him :)

Most importantly however... you should add pictures! ^-^ We love seeing pictures on here! XD
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Good on you for doing the research at all! Many people don't research before or after, and some people just don't care. We like people like you, who do the research and are prepared to spend out to keep their fish happy and healthy. ;)

I prefer a 5 gal+ because you need to do less maintenance on them, but as JK says, anything above 2 gals will still keep your fish happy. :)

A light is great, but unimportant unless you want live plants. A heater is what you need. :) I prefer adjustable, as sometims pre-sets don't create the temperature they say.
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