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First, Pog.

You were my first betta ever, and the first fish I ever kept alive on my own for more than 3 days. You have gone through me nto cleaning your tank for months, fin rot, ich, days without a heater, and put up with me learning my way. You are getting old, and I just want you to know I love ya dude!

R.I.P Catfood, You weren't a betta, but I thought I would honor you. I won you at the fair, and I made you a little house of books in my school desk so nobody would disturb you before I got home. I got you blessed by a priest walkign on campus. You were my first fish. I found an old tank in the basement, and some old water conditioner. I put you in and put you in the bathroom with the door shut to keep you away from the cats, where i went to petco and they were out of filters. I diligently did water changes every day, but your water was nto flowing, so you died of lack of oxygen in 3 days. I mourned your death and didnt get another fish for 3 months! I love you, and thank you for introducing me to fish, in 1 month it will be 1 year since I got you at the school fair.

R.I.P artemis. You were blind and weak when i got you. You were picked on by the other girls, but you stayed strong and I nursed you back to health. You could fend off the bullies, and earned your place in that tank, and I am so proud. You were weak and your immune system was almost nothign when I got you, I kept my water pristine, I even got a uv sanitizer
just for you, but in a month, you got an infection and got dropsy, and died on easter day. I miss you, and I hope you are in a better place

Sparky the snail. You put up with nippy bettas, and like.. no food for months. You inspired me to cook full meals for you, little snail sized meals i spend time planning just for you! You have gone in 3 different tanks, and never caused much trouble, just going on your peaceful way. Thanks for being good!

thats all the important ones I got, nobody else needs thanking, and I dont have time to thank them ALL
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