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Sorry to hear about your loss :(

I am wanting to say the white belly isn't the cause, as fish tend to change on the underside from time to time- sometimes it's from a full belly, other times it could be a response to an illness.

It seems as if you had done proper care for him- great water changes, good tank and everything. Whatever had happened to him wasn't from anything you have caused- the only thing that does come to mind is something possibly getting into his tank via the open water- such as perfume or air freshener- so I would watch what you spray in the area to make sure it doesn't get in there.

A lot of times we will get fish and shortly after bringing them home they pass away suddenly. I tend to call it "New Fish Syndrome".. as we can't tell where they came from, how they were bred, etc. It's always a risk bringing one home, as we fall for them so easily and then something such as this happens.

I wish there was a simple answer, and that he had given you a little more time to help him. But I don't think anyone can answer what had happened, since a white/silver belly isn't definitive of an illness, but either a symptom of any number of internal problems, or from a rounded full tummy and even stress.

Again, my sympathies on your loss.. don't give up, you had done right by him.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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