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Title says most of it.

So... My betta, Mushu, is always swimming and fanning every time I am around him. Very Energetic. Used to have a Ghost shrimp buddy a week and a half ago, until (I hope...) it died and I found parts of the shrimp scattered around the tank.
Did a 100% water change because I didn't know if the shrimp had been dead for a while or not.
He was still active and everything.
This is him 3 days ago.

And this morning..... I saw him all pale and took a picture of him around now (5:30). He did not move in theses photos... Just slowly dropped down... Also, you can see something red around his stomach. I thought he might just be bloated from feeding him 2 bloodworms (small pieces, since I did not feed him for 3 days), but he is usually a bit active...

I hope he doesn't have any infections or diseases that is building up.

Please help! Thank you in Advance!


Forgot to include Specs of Tank:
Before Problem:
Ph: 7.3
Ammonia Levels: Good
No additives (only used SeaChem Prime)
Temp: 80

Ph: 7.3
Ammonia Levels: Good
Used Aquarium Salt and Epsom Salt.
Temp: 85

Thinking about feeding him some Daphinas to clear his system.
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