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So I've read other posts and threads but nothing has helped.
I've recently fed some small earthworms to my bettas. I did it for 2 days and then put them back on their pellet and live blackworm diet. Ever since then my fish have been twitching out of no where. It's pretty random but I've changed the water every two days 100%. Still no avail. Water is all heated to 80 and no problem with ammonia n nitrites.

Could be it be I got some pesticides from the earthworm? Or something like that?
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It could be from the earthworm. I wouldn't know what do, but I wouldn't have fed my betta the earthworm to begin with. Not trying to sound harsh. :)
I agree with BerryBlue - not just with bettas, but with any animal you own, NEVER feed your animal something that you don't know the origin/ingredients/etc of. Not trying to sound harsh or mean, but I hope you learn from this experience and never do this again. There are plenty of other, much safer foods you can give your bettas for live protein.

With that said, would it be possible for you to take a video of the fish? It might be easier for us to help if we can actually see the behavior occur. If not, is there anything more you could say to describe the behavior? Things like an approximation of how often it occurs (I know you said its random, but like estimate the number of times a day this happens/how long it occurs each time)? Does it look like they might be scratching themselves on rocks/decor by twitching? This might mean theyre itchy from parasites. Have they pooped since you fed them? If so, what did the poop look like?
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Don't worry guys, that's what this site is for. I don't take it that way.
But iwatched them for 2 hours literally and they do it about every hour. Just one twitch and that's it. Not seizure like. They poop and it's still brown as usual. And no scratching on the surface of objects in vase.

Lesson learned...

Good to hear! :) As for the twitching, that's really bizarre. If I think of any other possibilities I'll let you know, but right now I'm stumped. Hopefully someone else will reply and be able to figure it out!
Case solved.
Just do daily water changes and turn up temp. Feed pellets only.
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