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so, a former user of this forum was adopting out bettas she had. since i had to put down Ma's gal, she offered to let me adopt one of hers, as long as i paid shipping. i quickly grew fond of a red HMPK she had up for adoption, and grabbed him up, along with a DTHM she had who was a chronic tail biter. without further ado, here's Stephano and Twitch!

Stephano's a red HMPK with some copper/dragon scaling speckled. he's adorable and real curious about everything. he's Ma's boy. V:

next up is Twitch. he was named Mac, but i started calling him Twitch, after a friend of mine. :B he's pretty shy around the camera, so i can't get good pics of him at all. :I

yeah. see? no good ones. xD

last, a few of my veiltail(? i think i saw more rays, but i'm not sure) gal, Josie. she's adorable, and adores the camera. <3

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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