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Two New Boys, Both with Fungal Growths.

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Ok so my most recent spawn looks like another bust but I believe my boy may be infertile so I bought two more. I got a CT and a dragon scale PK. I got the dragon scale half off because of the fungus ;-), I just can't return him if he dies, but its not that bad of a case. And I didn't notice the CT had a fungal thing going until I got him home. You'll see why in the pics. I'm currently treating with AQ salt, IAL and stress coat. I have medicines but want to see if these will get it first. I'll give them two or three days with that treatment and if there isn't ant improvement I'll start medicine. Neither of them have names at the moment, but I'm open to suggestions :-D I'm pretty sure the white one has color he's just so dull you can't see it


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Oh the dragon scale PK is also tiny. He's only about and inch and a half long... aka he's young. The CT is probably just about 2 inches, so a bit older but not too old. I'm thinking of naming the CT Zeus, but I'm still unsure of their personalities so I may end up changing names. I still have no idea what to name the little dragon scale guy
oh they are gorgeous! im not that experienced in noticing fungal growths. where are they on your guys there?
It's hard to see in these pictures but there is fuzzy white stuff on their tails. It hasn't made it to the body yet so its still easily curable.
Alright I think I've picked out names. The white one is going to be Zeus and the dragon scale boy is going to be Discount, Diss for short. :p
I woke up this morning to find Discount's fins have opened up, and he seems to be happier. His fuzzies seem to be a bit smaller already as well. Zeus is still a bit gloomy and skittish. Not as much as yesterday though. His tail seemes to be missing a bit this morning but he's a CT so their kinda delicate. He's also got a bit of purple in his eyes, I'm hoping he has that color in the rest of him.


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cute names! and i love the purple on Zeus
I renamed Zeus. He's now Black Beard, because thats the only thing with color :p
And I've shortened Discount to Dizzy...that way people dont accidentally think I'm selling a fish in my signature
White, or fuzzy growths on the outside of fish
Fish has become less active
Won't eat
Diluted colors
Patches of white

This disease is very common with stressed fish and is cured with Higher levels of added salt, easing the temperature within the tank to 80 will also help. But no higher than 82. If the disease progresses then invest in a high quality fungus treatment to help aid the treatment, if that doesn't work then I highly suggest that you either euthanize the fish or heavily Medicate, sterilize, and heat the temp even higher within the tank

There are many factors to what causes this specific disease but it's similar to many others.
-poor water quality, like high ammonia, and nitrites along with unecxeptable Amounts of nitrates
-stressful tankmates and constant nipping
-being battered around by flow
-not acclimated properly
-stressful housing
Are all main factors to the disease as they all lead to a lored immune system which leaves all fish helpless towards all diseases
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Oh yeah Mo, I got this lol. Their almost completely healed now. :p
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