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Sooooo I went to the pet store to pick up some filter cartridges and found a beautiful baby boy that I decided to take home and put in my split 10 gal. I figured I would pull the divider out in a few days after he got used to the tank. (That did not happen I ended up getting 2 new fish over this weekend) The store had him labeled as a Rosetail marble male. I can tell the marble is probably correct but I would like some help on fin type if possible.
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his name is Calix if anyone wonders!
After I bought my filters and my little fishy boy I figured I was done for a while. (I was not.) I ended up stopping at petsmart from an event I went to and found a beautiful black betta boy that I knew I had to have. (I’m done now). I grabbed a hide, a new silk plant and my fishy and that was that. His half of the tank was set up in two minutes and he was all ready.
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(no light in his tank at home)
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(Flashlight on glass)
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(Backlighting for the pet store)
He looks so different in all the lighting! I had to order a new light so that sound come Wednesday. I’m really excited bc he looks so nice with the right lighting on him. I have no idea what to call his Color or his fin type so I’m gonna rely on y’all for that one hopefully. (And name suggestions if you have any! Id like them to be Roman themed since all my other fish have Roman names.)
Thank you! I’m relatively new here and I enjoy all the help!
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