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Two questions: feeding and moving.

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Hey all. I've been posting to this site a lot lately, but you guys are super helpful.

First off, just a question about feeding. I read the basic care sticky up top, and it says it's up to me to decide how much I should feed him.
People say they feed them 3-6, 4, 3, twice a day, once a's clearly very different. We've been feeding ours between 3-5 pellets once a day, but he seemed to be starving when it was time to feed him. We tried feeding him two in the morning and two at night today, but I ended up giving him three since he seemed to be hungry.
It's been awhile since I've had fish, so do they always just seem to be starving all the time, or have we not been feeding him enough? We feed him pellets and make sure they are small enough for him, are they maybe too small?

Second question (it's a quicky): We are going home for a week next week. We plan on taking him with us, but I saw someone post something like this and people were saying to just feed him more before you leave. Opinions?

Thanks again!
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Healthy bettas always beg for food and act as if they are starving, even if they are stuffed! Normally, 3-4 pellets, twice a day, is a good average to go by. This is what I feed all of mine, and they all have a healthy size. The way you tell is, look down at him from above. If he has a nice smooth taper from behind the gills down to his tail, he's eating right. If it bulges slightly behind the gills, cut back a little, and if it sinks in in that area, up it a pellet per feeding.

You can also tell from the side, if his tummy is smooth with a slight roundness, he's good.

The second question kind of depends. If he's in a small tank, like a gallon, I'd be hesitant to leave him for a week, although since he isn't eating, he won't be making much waste. If you do leave him though, just an extra pellet or two, no more, per feeding would be OK, and make sure when you go there are no leftovers in his tank to foul the water, and give him a fresh water change. Depending how long the trip will be, and the possibility of the water being quite different where you're heading, I think maybe the best option will be letting him stay where he is.
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The trip back is only an hour, and my boyfriend would probably be the one to take him. We planned on putting him back in the cup and having his brother (who will be in the car as well) hold him.
As for the water, I thought of that as well, and if we did take him with us we were going to prepare some water here and bring it.
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