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Ugh stop trying to eat everyone!

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So today the rather innocent looking fish you see in my picture decided to try ghost shrimp and demolished one. I checked everywhere. it ceases to exist (and he has a belly that hints where he disappeared to). And then I picked up snails for each of the fish and today he decided to try snail as well and i`m pretty sure killed his in one fierce bite. So anyone have any suggestions to what i can do tank cleaner wise??? because he keeps eating his (besides me I am too big). So frustrating.
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A cleaner really isn't necessary and won't be that useful in a tank that small :)
You may have more success with the shrimp if you offer TONS of hiding places for them. I think it's worth a shot with some cheap ghost shrimp. Something like java moss would offer good hiding, or something like a piece of aquarium tube, buried so shrimp can fit but there is no chance of your betta getting stuck in it.
Yes. It'd be best to fast him. :)
Shrimp and snails are your only options for a tank that size.
Guess you're stuck doing the cleaning.. until he eats you too ;)
LOL. Shrimp athletes only.
You could set up a shrimp only tank, or even a two gallon bowl, fill it with live plants. Buy some cherry shrimp, and they reproduce pretty well, and just stock whenever.
Of course I think the betta eating tons of shrimp would eventually cause some problems.
Yea.. betta can see colour. If he keeps eating everything I'd just give up. :p
1 - 5 of 18 Posts
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