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Ugh stop trying to eat everyone!

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So today the rather innocent looking fish you see in my picture decided to try ghost shrimp and demolished one. I checked everywhere. it ceases to exist (and he has a belly that hints where he disappeared to). And then I picked up snails for each of the fish and today he decided to try snail as well and i`m pretty sure killed his in one fierce bite. So anyone have any suggestions to what i can do tank cleaner wise??? because he keeps eating his (besides me I am too big). So frustrating.
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I have a very fussy boy in an 8G. He's killed otocinclus cats, and when I had him in my 15g he offed an old tetra. Now he's in his 8g with nerite snails :p

I introduced a few ghost shrimp a few days ago, and so far he seems curious about them but not hungry enough to taste :p it helps though that my tank is rather heavily planted, so they can get out of his field of vision if they need to.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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