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OK, I posted just yesterday that my new betta was lethargic. When I got home today he was up off the bottom, but now I can see a small fuzzy raised white-ish patch on him!

Is this fungus?

If so, is aquarium salt the proper treatment? >> Will the salt kill my plants?
Luckily I brought home my extra tank & heater from my parents' house today, so I can use it as a hospital tank if needed.

Could the plants I bought have brought in the fungus? My fish was fine the days before the plants, and I keep his water super clean.

Thank you all, I want to treat him ASAP!!


PS - I also have ready you can do salt 'dips' where the fish is put in the salty water for maybe 20-30 minutes a few times a day. Is this effective?

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White, or fuzzy growths on the outside of fish
Fish has become less active
Won't eat
Diluted colors
Patches of white

This disease is very common with stressed fish and is cured with Higher levels of added salt, easing the temperature within the tank to 80 will also help as it will speed up the life cycle of the disease. If the disease progresses then invest in a high quality fungus treatment to help aid the treatment, if that doesn't work then I highly suggest that you either euthanize the fish or heavily Medicate, sterilize, and heat the temp even higher within the tank

There are many factors to what causes this specific disease but it's similar to many others.
-poor water quality, like high ammonia, and nitrites along with unecxeptable Amounts of nitrates
-stressful tankmates and constant nipping
-being battered around by flow
-not acclimated properly
-stressful housing
Are all main factors to the disease as they all lead to a lored immune system which leaves all fish helpless towards all diseases
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