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Umar's Plant "Store" - Different Species Available!

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Hey everyone! I've always looked at the classified section of these forums because people here sell such great plants.

Anywho, I'd like to offer my plants for sale since I have 30+ species, spread throughout 5 tanks.

This is how I'm going to do it:
I'll do weekly or bimonthly updates with the plants that will be trimmed and offer packaged deals, but if you need anything in particular, shoot me a PM. I'll give you the prices via PM if you want specific species and I have them available.

A few of these species are medium-high tech, but a majority will do fine in low light and low fertz/ no-little co2! However, all of my 3 planted tanks are co2 injected and I dose excel as well with EI fertz, which means the plants will get to you in great condition.

Here's the plant list:
Ludwigia Repens
Ludiwigia Atlantis
Ludwigia Sp. Red
Ludwigia Red Plaustris
Ludwigia Glandulosa
Ludwigia Cuba
Ludwigia Repens x Arcuata
Ludwigia Rubin
Ludwigia senegalgensis
Ludwigia Pink ovalis
Bacopa caroliniana
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Magenta
Rotala Colorata
Ammania Gracilis
Ammania Bonsai (True Rotala indica)
Staurogyne Repens
Pogostemon Helferi "Downoi"
Alternanthera Reineckii "Mini"
Alternanthera Reineckii Roseafolia
Alternanthera Reineckii Variegated
Echinodorus Blehri
Red Melon Sword
Bacopa Monnieri
Pearlweed - NOT HM (its better and carpets easier)
Crypt Undulata
Crypt Wendtii Brown
Crypt Nurri Pahang Mutated
Java Moss
Peacock Moss
Java Fern
Golden Nesea
Mayaca Fluvatilis
Blyxa Japonica
Hygro Sp. Brown
Hygro Compact
Limnophilia Aromatica
Anubias Coffefolia
Anubias Nana
Windelove Java Fern
Myriophyllum Matogrossense
Rotala H'ra
Rotala mini butterfly
Rotala singapore
Rotala caterpillar
rotala pearl type 1
Fissdens fontanus
dwarf water lettuce
greater duckweed
lesser duckweed
guppy grass
Micranthemum umbrosum "monte carlo"

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TODAY's PLANTS (6/15/2014)

I have a packaged deal for $16 shipped.

3x3 mesh of Monte Carlo
4 stems Ludwigia Repens x Arcuata ~4 inches
5 stems Mayaca Fluvatilis ~4 inches
5 stems pearlweed ~1 inch plugs
A few small Java Fern plantlets (~3-4)
A half sandwich bag of Guppy grass

All of these are considered great beginner plants.
I will be shipping via 2-3 day Priority mail, so all these plants will cost approx $10.

DISCALIMER: snails and duckweed are a possibility. I rinse my plants thoroughly before packaging. Please dip if possible. VERY minimal algae, if at all.

PM me for any details.

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I'm offering a package for $16 shipped via priority mail.

- 5 stems of Ludwigia Repens x Arcuata
- 3 stems Myrio Mattogrossense
- A nice chunk of pearlweed - you can easily cover a 3x3 area by separating into plugs
- 5 Java Fern plantlets - each will have at least 4 leaves
- Half sandwich bag of guppy grass
- 5+ stems of Mayaca Fluvatilis
- A medium sized bronze crypt wendtii

and...a random plant: the first person to pay will pick a number from 1 to 4, and I'll include a sampling of a cool/uncommon plant that correlates to that number.

First person to PM me and pay gets the package. I will be shipping tomorrow.

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The price of today's package has been lowered to $12 shipped!

If not claimed by midnight PST, I'm going to be RAOKing the following plants on a different forum.
This is a wonderful set of plants you are offering- awesome pricing as well!
I am wondering if it would be possible to omit certain plants and have them replaced with another? For example, replacing java fern plantlets with bacopa?
This is a wonderful set of plants you are offering- awesome pricing as well!
I am wondering if it would be possible to omit certain plants and have them replaced with another? For example, replacing java fern plantlets with bacopa?
I can definitely do that (Bacopa Monnieri). This question was asked by another member here, and I told here that not only will I include the plants she wanted to substitute, but also include the original plants as well.

My secondary reason for doing these plant sales is to get people to try different plant species for an affordable price. Sure, the typical jungle val, dwarf sag, sword, anubias, etc. assortment is great, but I think people need to experiment, especially with stem plants considering they're SO MANY varieties of them.
Alright ^.^ I will PM you about purchasing~
Got my plants extremely healthy! There is some algae on them, but certainly is no problem~ Seller is very generous with his extras(It feels like Christmas for me.) Overall great pricing with nice communication/negotiations. The packages are totally worth buying c:


Closer look at the quality of his plants~

Now they just have to grow and fill out~
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Haha! How are you liking that bronze crypt?
I was crossing my fingers that it wouldn't melt mid-transit. Glad to know you like your plants! :D
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It's awesome :p I was thinking the heat would cause problems too- nothing happened! Everything's super crisp.
Hey all!
I've been really happy with the response to this thread. I sent out a few plant packages over the past week, with a couple more pending for later this week as well. So, all is good, but I myself wanted to show viewers/possible buyers updates on the tank so they know that my plants, their colors, health, selection of species is not a "smoke and mirrors" ordeal. Besides, what better way to provide testimony than with pictures

So, here is the tank today:

The rest of the rack looks like this:

I'm going to be selling my first proper high/med light + co2 plant package soon since the tank definitely needs a trim. Possible species for sale will be the Rotala araguaia, rotala rotundifolia, colorata, and H'ra, Ludwigia sp. red, Ludwigia Atlantis, as well as a stem or two of AR mini. I'll keep everyone posted on this upcoming package.
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I'm interested! Your plants are gorgeous. Do you just use DIY CO2?
I'm interested! Your plants are gorgeous. Do you just use DIY CO2?
Thanks you very much! Yes, I do use DIY co2 - 3 reactors on both of my bigger planted tanks. I will probably posting the med/high plant package deal tomorrow so stay tuned.
Alright folks!

Today's (7/3/14) Plant Package is a MED-HIGH LIGHT PACKAGE. This means that if you absolutely want these plants to thrive, try to have decent lighting and much more importantly, some sort of active co2 diffusion (excel doesn't count). I cannot be responsible for these plants dying in a setup that isn't catered to their needs. These plants are fast growing stems in such an environment and if you're a grower (i.e. "not a killer" - Tom Barr), you will love these plants and possibly get back on your investment, especially at the prices I'm offering.

The package contains the following (the prices listed next to the plant are the expected prices one would pay from an "a la carte" seller on other forums:

- 1 plant of Hygrophilia Pinnatifida $3
- 1 NICE stem of AR mini (many rooted sideshoots) $6
- At least 6 stems of Rotala Rotundifolia $4
- 2 stems Rotala Colorata $~2
- 3 stems Ludwigia sp. Red $3
- 2 stems Ludwigia Atlantis $4
- 2 sideshoots of Rotala Mexicana Araguaia $~5
- 4 stems Ludwigia Arcuata x Repens $~3
- 1 stem Lobelia Cardinalis $2
- 1 stem Downoi (if there any extra, I'll throw them in there as well) $2-3

If one was to get a stem of each of these plants like I did when I was starting out, they would pay a lot higher.

This package's price is $28 shipped.
If you always wanted to try a WIDE variety of sought after plants but never wanted to jump in, this is the time to do so. With good conditions, your stem count will double every 2 weeks.

*This package will NOT split up. The buyer can opt to add an Anubias Nana for $4 more (it's a 6+ leaf piece with a few small holes due to very hungry ramshorn snails).

Here are pics:
L. Red

L. Atlantis

Rotala Mexicana A.

AR mini
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My plants arrived today. USPS was less than kind to the package, but everything arrived intact and vibrant. No melting - not even any dead leaves. Since I don't know all that much about plants, I gave umarnasir335 my tank specs and asked him to pick for me.

Here's my freshly-planted tank (it was empty of any decoration or plants before this):

different angle:

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I also received my plants. Unfortunately USPS did a terrible job with the package, including losing it and getting the completely squished envelope to me two days late. This was in no way the seller's fault and I can tell that they were beautiful and healthy before the shipping ordeal. I have them recovering in my tank and already see some new growth, so they should be nice again in no time.
Due to USPS' recent negligence with my packages, I've decided to use Small Flat rate boxes now instead of the padded and insulated envelopes.

I like the envelopes because the insides are larger, allowing for more plants, and I can usually include greater insulation on my part, but unfortunately USPS has some "handling issues." I have used envelopes for multiple orders, but due to kittenfish's package mishap, I wont be using them anymore unless specified by the customer.

The usage of the box instead of the envelope may or may not affect shipping price, but even if it does, it will be very minimal (only a $1 increase).

I thank my customers for their testimonies. Remember - if something goes wrong with the plants, I usually try to do my part to fix the problem, but I cannot be responsible for how the mail carriers treat your package, it's just an awful reality that some of these workers are so negligent :(
Subscribing--your tanks are gorgeous! I'll have to keep an eye out for some sales that are lower tech (my main planted tank gets lots of light and ferts, but no co2).
Thank you for the nice comments! I appreciate anyone who checks out this thread, customer or not.

Here is TODAY'S PACKAGE (7/13/14):

- 3 stems Myrio Mattogrossense
- 6 stems Rotala Rotundifolia
- 4 stems Ludwigia Arcuata x Repens
- 6 stems Mayaca Fluviatilis*
- 1 Bronze Crypt wendtii
- A small handful of Guppy Grass
- 5+ plantlets of Dwarf Water Lettuce

TOTAL PRICE: $16 Shipped

* I haven't heard much about Mayaca around any of the planted forums recently. This plant deserves more attention: it's very easy to care for, grows very fast (think anacharis without the intolerance to excel and annoying leaf melt), and allows for a soft edge to your aquascape because of its fine leaves. Under high light, it will develop a pink-ish sheen on its tips.

As always, feel free to PM me with any questions. I will be shipping on Tuesday.
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Subscribed to this thread! tell me when you have those staurogynes for sale!!!!! Looking to buy from you in the future!
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