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My betta, Monster, hasn't been eating for over two weeks. Salt has brought him up from paranoia and haunting, fins clamped, the dregs of the tank, but he's still not eating. His poo is really strange: milky white, corkscrew-shaped. How he manages to poo without eating is a mystery. Never seen the likes of it. Any suggestions? And what's this about feeding peas to bettas?? He dormally gets a couple tubifex worms a day and disdains pelleted food. I'd hate to lose this ferocious fishie.

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my fish finally ate today after over two weeks of not eating. try dropping a pellet in every morning and night, taking them out if he doesn't eat them. he should eventually eat. Fins being clamped could mean the water temp is too low. do you have a heater? My fishes feces is the exact same as your fishes, and he was defecating while he hadn't ate also. The pea method ive been told and read it can work but can be harmful to your fish so i would try a different method.

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