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Update: I think Crusoe will die if I don't figure this out soon

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The problem:

Crusoe has been acting strange. I have had him for about 2 weeks and he was very healthy when I took him home. He was even making a bubble nest on his first night and had no problem adjusting to his new 5 gallon home. His Elite brand heater and Tom Mini sponge filter arrived in the mail and I rinsed them and placed them into the tank. Although Crusoe flared at the filter for a long time, I figured once he got used to it there would be no problems.

However, over the next few days he has begun acting sick. The filter has been in his tank for about 3 days now. He began to swim strange, with sudden turns. He retained his appetite and acted mostly the same but was less interactive. His pectoral fins began to appear clamped and by yesterday his anal, dorsal, and tail have all clamped. He began hiding in his log and not coming out, even if the lid was opened. He stopped going after his food, although he will attempt to eat. His food won't stay in his mouth any more and he won't even make an effort to go after it as of now.

How he is now:

I bought a QT and placed him inside. I don't know how large it is in terms of gallons but it is a small Kritter Keeper. I have placed fresh, conditioned, water in and nothing else. He has only a thermometer to watch the temperature and a light on top. He is very lethargic and will sometimes stop swimming. He is still willing to move on his own on occasion and flare at his reflection. I have taken a video, please view and give me your opinion.

His current water temperature is 75 degrees F but I am raising it. He has been moving around a little bit more since the video was taken but is mostly acting the same. Please help.
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Hmm, I don't see anything.. he looks healthy, good breathing, not having too much trouble swimming except..
How long has he been in the QT? Do you think the filter tired him out? Is he still not eating? Any poop?
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Could the tank be trying to cycle? The ammonia/nitrite spikes could be hurting him if so.
This morning he had 0ppm in ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate. He just keeps sitting and floating like he was at the end of the video. This was his behavior in his large tank as well. He has only been in QT for about 2 hours now. He has begun moving around more and being less clamped but he will not eat. Actually, he is moving around a lot more and this may be what he needed. However, I am afraid of placing him back into his normal tank even after a 100% water change. If there was something on the filter, how do I fix it?
Also, he was pooping earlier but none as of yet in his QT.
I think the filter may have tired him out. We have a sticky on how to make a filter baffle on here somewhere, just need a water bottle/sponge and some string I think.
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There is nothing wrong with the filter. It barely makes any current, which is why I got it. I was recommended this filter by someone because it did not need to be baffled and it does not bother him while he swims.
Hmm, then I'm stumped if parameters are good and the filter is fine, but he's feeling better in QT.
What sort of stuff is in the main tank?
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He still won't eat though, which worries me.

He has gravel, two rocks, a log decoration that he hides in with fake plants on it, and three clear plastic aquarium rocks in various shapes. He also has a thermometer that is now in the QT. All of those have been previously used and were cleaned before being placed in the tank and he has had no problem until the filter and heater entered.
I am getting even more worried now. He has stopped swimming around, still won't eat, and sits along the back wall breathing slowly with very clamped everything. His temperature is now at 78 degrees. I don't know what to do. I really need help. Please, anyone... I need to save him from whatever this is and any help is appreciated!
... :(
I really don't know.. You don't think the filter and heater could have done something do you?
I doubt it but if something poisoned him there isn't much to do..
Is it to late to head to the store where you are?
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I'll go to any store. I bet Wal-mart is still open. What do you think I need?
I just looked at the video..I wish I could help..seems he's breathing heavy..and struggling to get up to the surface..then..I don't know if I am seeing this..but on the side when u turned to watcch..I think I see a lil pudge in the under belly..but I am not an expert in thing to do is PM Old fish lady..I hear she is great at diagnosing fish diseases..sorry I wish I could do more..:(
He's not bloated but does have a white spot on his belly. OldFishLady was in my other thread and told me to QT and do 25% water changes for the nest few days but I'm afraid he'll be dead before I find out what's wrong. :(

EDIT: Can I add aquarium salt? Even if it won't cure what's wrong with him maybe it will help de-stress him.
It is most likely an internal problem.. There's not a lot on slowed breathing, but the main cause seems to be a parasite, ammonia/nitrate, or simply temperature shock. Are you sure it's not shock? There's nothing to do about shock but wait. Some fish can be a lot more sensitive than others.
Pick up some tetra parasite guard. Wal mart should have it..
If you have a fish store you might be able to find Metro+ or Seachem's metronidazole... Tetra parasite guard has the ingredient too.. If you can't find any of those, settle for Epsom salts... There are other medicines with the metronidazole, but they contain ingredients that can be toxic to betta, better not to try...

Edit: don't bother with aquarium salt, it could put uneeded strain on gills. Like I said, Epsom. Wal mart should have pure Epsom, if not any drug store will...
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Ironically someone just posted the same symptoms, swimming awkwardly..and sinking..looks like your fishy did could be Swim Bladder Disease..I would look it up..heard that AQ salt treatment would work..but not sure what dose..there is a form that you would need to fill regards to temp/type of houseing..and if you cheked the water parameters, but it sounds like that..SBD..I wonder who else might you know anyone else on here with knowledge in fish sicknesses??..I would PM them..I will check on the page whre i saw the form to fill out..
Ok..skip the prev post..on the AQ salt..ugghh..told you not good at this thing,.(soo sorry..) I hope your fishy gets better soon:)
He definitely does not have shock. Shock wouldn't last and get worse over 3 days. Would parasite guard be safe to use if he doesn't actually have parasites? I'll go right now to the store if it is!
Any medicine puts stress on a fish... It will not kill him on it's own... If he doesn't make it, it was probably already too late for him. Medicating fish is difficult because most of the time you're working with unknowns.. For this, we have ruled out everything I know of that could be causing this. Parasites seems like the only possible cause. It's usually better to wait it out, but you know him and you say this seems urgent.
I have Jungle Parasite Clear from last year. It has no expiration date on it. Can I try? I am afraid of overdosing him. They are fizz tablets.
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