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update on my betta's :)

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i haven't shown a "proper" update for my betta's, so here it is :) lady amaya is currently healing from the jump (to visit phantom :lol:), phantom has been more active and trying to go to nesting :roll:, puddles is a GREAT nester and really active, loves attention :-D sparta i think had SBD :-( any help? he has been laying around in the pebbles :-( am worried
as well for Rose, Chili pepper, Strawberry, Oceanist, Lunar, Luna, Katrina, Midnight, Volcano, etc R.I.P. :cry:
pics with my new fuji cam :cool::
lady amaya, super delta or halfmoon female, some butterfly?: (AB;hopdiggity)

phantom, black orchid crowntail male (petco):

puddles, opaque halfmoon male, mostly white (petco):

and his 2x bubble nest from last update on nest :shock::

sparta, delta or veil tail un-sexed 2m fry, red eyes :):

any help for sparta will be greatly appreciated :), he has been laying around and not swimming much i have never went through this before please help if you could :-(

also i have a visitor that will live here though he is not my betta :lol: his name is Caboose a royal blue with red splash crowntail male, stubborn boy flares at anything near his tank :roll::
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They are all so pretty! The white one is stunning!!
thanks :) i find it ironic that i have a solid black CT male and solid white HM male ;-)
thanks jrf :3 am still thinking for my spawning attempt is lady amaya to puddles or phantom, i can't choose >-< there both beauties am leaning towards puddles since he is able to keep a long lasting nest, but phantom is less active and won't go crazy on her :| it's hard
No prob! Why don't you just let me take them off of your hands? Really, I'm just that nice. xD
another big update :p

well since last night i went to petco and got to CT (on my signature) lacey and kristie.adorable little girls :-D and i put them in my 20 gallon with my other SDT girl lady amaya, though she is bigger. today i see the two girls go really close to amaya but they don't flare or nip her, it looks so cute :lol: well here are some pics (i think i have like one or two more photo's not uploaded)
here are two pics at McDonalds LOL, we stopped by to eat :lol:,kristie:
lacey, she was really pale at the store with no color :-( i felt bad:

then these are at home, and i stand corrected that lacey had no color:shock: :

^^ lacey & kristie

kristie ^

above ^ you could see there colors real good :-D

lady amaya ^^ the biggest
i have a few more, i'll upload them later :)
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any response? :(
They're all very pretty! I really like your new girls, crowntails are awesome. I would wait on breeding any of them until Sparta is totally okay and full-grown.. and you're sure that your parents won't take your stuff away again! Lol. That was mean. As for Sparta..What are you feeding him/her?
HBH baby bites, it was gonna be BBS again but someone went in my room and moved the BBS and the window, and it is winter here :-( so i will have to wait again. also my mom just ordered me another AB betta we just payed for her yesterday :)
horrible news ..... lady amaya passed away this mourning :-( i'll miss the girl, i took apart the sorority, moved tracey and kristie into seperate 1 gallons. until i get my AB girl i'll the CT girls seperate :-( i still don't know how she died
Awe, Betta Lover, I'm so sorry to hear about Lady Amaya!
One of my new Female Bettas is named Lacey too :) .... So sorry for your loss of beautiful Lady Amaya. I was hopeing that she would make it! :(
thanks {:) also maybe tomorrow my new HM female will be coming in, but am not gonna be here to see her :-( because i got to go to school tomorrow, here a pic:

hopefully she comes in tomorrow :)
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thanks {:) also maybe tomorrow my new HM female will be coming in, but am not gonna be here to see her :-( because i got to go to school tomorrow, here a pic:

hopefully she comes in tomorrow :)
Wow I love her! :) Very nice :)
she came in but, she has pale areas where there is no color :|

she has this adorable little lipstick on :3

and also update:
as you guys know my little marble CT girl "Kristie" well SHE GAINED RED :)) she is already marbleing a little
a photo when i got her:

she's the one in the right, as you can see there in no red on her yet ^^

as i didn't notice she was gaining red on her fins (she already had it on her two ventrals when i got her) all around her bottom, and top fin

^ and now she has her red coming more noticable :) can't wait how she turns out
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