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Azrael (Platinum Halfmoon Betta), Uriel (King HMPK Marble Betta), Cassiel (CT) 4 Boas & 2 Tarantulas
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Uriel has been in wayyyyyy better spirits! He’s been much more active and has not been hiding at all!! I honestly don’t even see any more white spots on his body. He never stopped eating, but I feel that his appetite is a little more aggressive than when he was hiding & a bit lethargic. I only dosed the tank with Aquarium salt once, but up’ed the heat to 86 & been doing regular water changes with Prime. The spots popped up on Monday/Tuesday. But I knew on Sunday something was up by his behavior. Thanks to everyone for all their help! Especially you Russell!!! I know I’m not out of the clear yet. But I think he’s doing well. :)
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