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Heyo, I got Avian an upgrade so he didn't have to be miserable xD. So I convinced my mom to let me shop with my dad so we went to the store. I was originally going to get a medium critter keeper, but I decided to get a mini bow. So I picked up a heater, thermometer, and a 2.5g minibow. I used some leftover gravel and the gravel in the hospital tank+the hospital tank decor to set it up.

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oh!!!!!! I had that exact tank! Mine loved it! Mine needed the filter baffled, but otherwise were very happy in it until I put them in a big divided tank and now that tank is my hospital tank! But it was an awesome tank for me!
Yeah I know I've had a few c:. They're pretty easy to function I agree.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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