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Hi All!

I have a few questions about used gear...

So I bought a used 10 gallon fresh water tank from Craigslist that some red-tipped crabs lived in from a guy that had several aquariums that needed some pretty serious cleaning. The tank was moderately dirty but came with a great rock feature, a lid with a lamp, and a filter.

I cleaned the tank with 100% distilled white vinegar and it came out sparkling clean :-D

I soaked the plastic rock feature in about a 50/50% vinegar/water solution for about 12 hours and scrubbed the outside of it really good. The color it was painted when made is a variation of greens and I can't tell what's paint and what's algae (if any).

The filter was disgusting. I threw out the pad and am soaking it as much as possible (it can't be submerged) in 100% vinegar to see if I can get it clean.

Do you think that all this soaking will be enough to protect Bunta from whatever may have been going on in that tank?
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