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Four days ago I had purchased a Crowntail Betta and he was a bit sluggish and his tail a bit jagged-but I figured that'd change once I brought him home and placed him in the new tank (I've bought similar Bettas who ended up thriving and living a perfectly healthy life for years to come). I went ahead and put him in [his tank] and he swam around, but not as active as previous Bettas I had purchased were.

Note: The tank, gravel and decor were all brand new, so no other fish had previously used it.

He wouldn't eat-at all, which I hadn't ever encountered this problem. I did a simple Google search and people who had similar issues that had brought their new Wet-Pet home was just stressed and needed a few days to a week to adjust, so I figured that he was more of a shy guy and needed time.

On the third day, he was at the bottom of the tank sitting somewhat on his side, which I knew was abnormal. I took his decor out and emptied about half of his tank so it'd be a tad bit easier for him to surface for air--and he actually started swimming around a tad bit easier (and yes, he was in a calm environment--so there weren't people walking by constantly, lights turning on and off and nor did he have to endure loud noises).

As stated, I've owned other Bettas and have never had this kind of problem and the only thing I could think of was that my friend didn't clean his gravel, tank and decor well enough as I had stepped out and she decided to do it for I decided to go ahead and do a thorough cleaning of everything to be sure that everything was fine. I cleaned the tank entirely, rinsed and re-rinsed the gravel and scrubbed up the decor. I then did my water check to make sure everything was in the "okay" before placing my Olly back into the tank. Within 10 minutes he was a bit more active, at least much more active than I had seen him since I brought him home. That lasted all of about two hours. I checked in on him before bed, still he didn't eat anything, and was becoming sluggish and this time--he had a cotton-like material hanging from his gills, and he seemed extremely labored in his breathing and swimming.

The only thing I knew about that resulted in a cotton-like substance was Columnaris, and sure enough everything matched up. I was devastated and since the stores were closed at this point, I decided first thing the next morning I'd go get an antibiotic. So I spent the night looking up medicines that'd get me the best results and my luck comes down to, I went to check on Olly and he had already passed away. It's been a upsetting morning for me--now it comes to the last step, how do I sanitize his tank?

I won't be getting a new Betta for awhile since I'll be doing a little bit more research on diseases so I can spot them earlier on, but eventually I'll want to gain another Wet-Pet and I have a tank sitting here (I am tossing out the old decorations and gravel, though).

So how do I thoroughly bleach my aquarium so it rids of any residue from the disease (or should I get a new aquarium all together) and so the bleach doesn't leave harmful chemicals behind?

Thank you to any advice in advance!
I really appreciate it!
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