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Very bloated Betta

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So our betta Fabio is incredibly bloated and its only been worsening. At first the bloat only showed on one side of his body, now it looks like he has swallowed a small marble. We fasted him for days and nothing has changed. We now feed him a small pinch of freeze dried blood worms each day, and he has had a 50% water change about 5 days ago.

What can we do to get rid of Fabio's bloating?

EDIT: Actually upon further research of bloated bettas, the bloating looks like its in the center of his body, not where his stomach should be.
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well freeze dried is not a good idea if your fish has potential digestive issues. Even for a healthy fish, it should only be fed once a week as a treat.

Are the scales on your fish raised like a pinecone? if yes it could be dropsy, and need immediate medication. Refer to the sticky thread "betta fish diseases and treatment for more on that.

If he's just bloated it may be constipation, in which case you give him daily water changes with 1tsp per gallon of epsom salt (pre-dissolved). And as food Daphnia is good for helping relieve constipation.

Good luck.
his scales aren't raised, thank god. But he has a circular bulge in the middle of his body, below his dorsal fin. I thought their stomachs were right below their gills?
There is a frozen pea trick that helps with swelling, if it is from digestion. I forget if you thaw the pea or if you just place it in the tank frozen, but if it is a digestion/constipation problem it helps.

Could it be his swim bladder? It would be easier to help if you could add pictures.

On a side note, my boy was called Fabio too. Hope I can help yours.
Please do NOT feed peas! I know some sites say that this can help, but in truth this can cause the bloating. Betta fish are carnivores, they eat meat, and only meat. They don't eat vegatable matter and their system is not designed to handle it.
Could you possibly get a picture? I'm concerned because this is sounding more like a tumor.
Here is the best photo i could get.

He is swimming fine, eating fine. He just has that bump in the middle of his body. I will start using epsom salt.

EDIT: Here are a few more pics.

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That is very strange. He doesn't appear to be bloated in his stomach, but I do see the bump you are talking about on his side.
Could you get a topside view, perhaps? It would be easier to judge the size of it, I think. Also, does he have it on his other side?
yes, its equally bulging from each side, like he has a mass within his body. His behavior hasn't changed, he is still very active and eats.
I think its tumor.Not quite sure but others may have better answers.
Yeah, it sounds like a tumor. Let us know if ANYTHING changes in his behavior for an extended amount of time.
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