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Freaking out in the tank is normal, unless all of my bettas are weird too! I wouldn't worry about it. Leave him in the cup to acclimate, he'll be fine! It's normal for him to want to get back into his home and explore.

This is just extra info, but how do you get him into the cup? I usually just take the lid off the tank, wait for him to come to the top (not long since they breath surface air, duh) and scoop him up gently like that. It's easy and saves less time chasing with the net! (You might already do this.. :p)

I'd also maybe suggest getting like a 1g bowl to put him in for a while so you can cycle the tank? Doesn't take long for a 5g usually, 2-5 weeks. If you do, you can just do a 50% every 7-8 days once it's cycled fully after you've tested the water with a cheap 2$-4$ kit.. Much easier!

Good luck with Sake! Hope to see pics of him soon. :)

~ Joel
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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