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Oh my gosh I need help. My betta is not doing good at all, and hasn't been well for a while. I'm not sure if it's old age or what but he doesn't swim anymore, he just sits in his plants. Today he's struggling to get his food which I have to basically drop right next to his mouth for him to even get. I'm in the process of cycling a new and bigger tank that I bought about a month ago thinking it would help him. But now I'm afraid to even put him in the new tank because he literally struggles to swim to the top of the tank he's in now, which is why he always stays in the plants. He can lay/float right near the top and this allows him to breathe and eat. I am so distraught over this. And I really need some advice from you guys. He's in between 3 or 4 years old so maybe it's old age. I don't know. I've been doing 100% water changes every other day, the temp stays around 79-82 degrees. The new tank has a heater and filter so I know in theory this would be better for him but it's twice as deep and I'm afraid he won't be able to get to the top to breathe and eat. Also, I'm not sure about the levels of the new tank. I just tested the water and the levels are
Ammonia: 0.25
Nitrite: 5.0
Nitrate: 5.0
pH: 7.6, also did the high range pH which I think reads 7.8 or 8 but I'm not completely sure.
If anyone has knowledge about this please let me know what to do. I can't watch him suffer and not swim around and be playful like he used to. What should I do?

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