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Hi everyone,

We are really worried about our new little betta and would be grateful for any advice you can give.

We got our first betta about a month ago. He lives in a 13L tank with filter and heater which keeps the water at 23 degrees celcius. About 2 weeks after we got him he started getting sick. He was sprinkled with white dots and quite lethargic which we thought was Ich. We had a look online and most people seemed to recommend raising the temperature of the tank and adding aquarium salts. Due to the size of our tank, raising the temperature is not feasible. The lady in our pet shop suggested that we treat him with Interpet anti white spot instead, and treat the water every 3 days until the white spot is gone and then put in one final treatment. We have followed this advice by adding the treatment every 3 days according to the instructions on the pack (doing a 15-20% water change at the same time).

We initially thought the treatment was working. A couple of days after the first treatment, all the white spots were gone. A few days later some of the spots came back but these also went away after a few days. Despite the spots he always seemed quite alert and active. I know the parasites operate in cycles and that the treatment we are using kills the parasite in the water rather than when they are attached to our betta, but we have now been treating the water for two weeks and our poor betta is beginning to get spots again. Recently he has also taken to spending most of his time wedged in a small hole in a tank ornament, only leaving to swim up to the surface for oxygen every 5 minutes or so. I'm not sure if we we should continue with the treatment or try something else instead? Does anyone know how long it takes to treat white spot on a betta using the Interpet treatment?

We are getting really worried about him - please help!

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