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Wander photos :D

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Wish my frame of focus was bigger on this shot! Barely missed his face. :( But yay macro camera and detail on his belly? Haha..

He appreciated the baffled filter! :)

I have so many photos of him yawning or whatever he is doing here!! I love it!

Also a silly video of him flaring at himself:

I added music because I wanted to cancel out all the background noise and didn't want a silent video XD
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WOW! you have a gorgeous fish!
He's blowing a bubble nest. I think that's his way of saying 'thank you!' ;)
I would blow him a bubble nest. He's just beautiful!!! I love the yawn pic!! <3<3<3
LOL Mine did the yawns too when I put him in his new home a few min ago!!! Take a look at his pic! I just posted it under "My princess turned out to be a prince!" The first one is dark but then I got a better lit one!
the yawn is too funny! :) My male frosty does that sometimes... i really didnt think anything of it... lol
brilliant photography! And a very good looking betta!
Does it ever seem like they 'pose' for us? I swear when I bring the camera out my fish just stares at me like he's ready for his close up!
Hahaha, I wouldn't say wander poses. He just swims as fast as possible and I have to catch it! ;) He does me no favors, LOL!
Awe man! how could I miss this guy! He is awesome! He looks like a Bass when he is yawning. Is he more orange in the fins than yellow?

And the bubblenest grows larger! This is awesome. Dionysus was never a bubble blower(guess he just didn't want to be a daddy!) but boy this guy sure is!
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wonderful photos. I really like the second one with him in the background. I always wondered too what they are doing when they that yawning behaviour. Any have an explanation
Hahah! I just watched your youtube video! What a character he is! He's very pretty, too! Oh, and I love your tank, too.

I used to think something was wrong with my betta because he'd dart around really fast and neurotic like. So it's nice to know that it's natural. I suppose since I usually see betta's in those tiny little cups and not moving I just thought they didn't swim around much.
Wow! those are some amazing photos! I've been having a hard time getting clear close up shots of my boy. They always come out blurry.
ive notcied alot of the people on here have amzingly gorgeous fish..!
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