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Wanted: Several types of non-floating plants

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Willing to pay $10-$15, including shipping, for some non-floating plants. I'd like several types, preferably from the same person in order to consolidate on shipping costs.

I'd love to see some water wisteria, ludwigia, anubias, anacharis... whatever you've got, let me know. :) I'd like two or three different types, maybe a couple stems of each. I already have java ferns... no shortage of those.

I don't want floaters, though. Not much space for them, and I can't afford to lose the light.

Fast growing is great, I have indirect sun and a nice tank light, and I never do 100% water changes. The tank's small, but it's also kind of bare with just one adult plant in it. I'd like to give my betta some more cover.

I'm in Iowa.

I am trying to get in contact with givemethatfish via pm because she has (had?) what I want, but her thread is kind of old and I'm not sure if the offer still stands or if she's gotten rid of her plants somehow or sold them already.

If no one responds, I'll just have to drag my mom to PetSmart again... they're more expensive than around here, though, and I think I'd rather support you guys. (Even though my PetSmart takes really good care of all their fish.)
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