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water changes and feeding

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I have a 10 gal tank that is cycled, so would a 50% water change once a week be good? If so, do I take the fish out before, or just take the amount of water out, and pour the new amount in?

For feeding, I have a few neons already in the tank that the betta will go in. They've never bothered the betta's before, but they are pigs and I'm worried that the new betta will have a hard time getting enough food. Also, will the new betta do well on tropical fish flakes, or does he need actual betta pellets?
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A 50% water change would be fine. With live plants or an oversized filter, 25% a week would be fine. Just leave your betta in, same as you do your neons.

My female bettas are in a community tank and they hold their own pretty well - actually, they feed first and everyone else just gets what they cause to fall to the bottom in their feeding frenzy. I feed a combination of micopellets and betta micropellets (I have micro-fish species in with my girls) and everyone gets a bit of everything. Specific betta pellets are generally better than flakes, though, as the meat content (bettas are pure carnivores) is much higher. Generic tropical flakes are generally aimed at omnivores and have a high vegetable content.
I guess I'll just have to see how dominant the new guy. My last one would circle and stare at the food for a good while, and if a neon came up, he always backed off. Is there one food that I can feed that is okay for both the betta and the neons? I do have dried bloodworms for variety.
Dried bloodworms will be loved by both bettas and neons, but they aren't good as a staple diet. It won't matter if you just feed pellets and flakes - both species will eat both. Flakes won't harm the betta and pellets won't harm the neons, but it also ensures that they are getting the nutrients they need through the food appropriate for their species. :)
Okay, thanks!

With the last betta, since he wouldn't fight the neons for the food, I would sometimes give the neons a bloodworm to keep them occupied.
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