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Sorry if this is the wrong place for this.....

I don't have any of these charming & lovely fish now, but did proudly keep a bunch
about a year ago...rehomed to a good buddy due to health issues.

I miss every single one & can't even look at old pix of them without feeling depressed,
even if I know they are safe and sound in another state.

It started with feeling like I had to save a tiny runt VT from a chain pet store...then
turned into MTS...they taught me so much & brought me tons of joy. :)

When my life settles again, I can't wait to bring a finny friend back into my life, and spoil them

Nice to meet you all :)

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Hello and welcome to the forum :wave: I'm glad your getting back into the world of bettas again. I love all 6 of mine and would have 10 more if I had room for them.
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