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Ways to get PH in water down

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So i noticed my new male EE was acting strange. He looks healthy but just less active.

I tested his water and everything is fine besides his PH is high. I don't have PHdown and its like midnight here in NYC so i can't obviously go run and buy it now.

Does anyone know of any ways to get the PH down? Im in the process of doing a partial water change (i don't have hot water in my apartment so I have to heat the water in buckets to get it up to 80 degrees before i add it to the tank.)

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I discovered by accident (and not a good thing for me) that rooibos tea lowers PH. I put in 2 bags of tea in a 10 gallon tank and it lowered the PH by over .6. Not good for me since I already have low PH, but possibly good for you. Kroger carries it in their Private Selection label if you can get to a kroger. Even better, it's actually good for your betta so you can leave it in long term.
Thank you answering! I already have some rooibos tea. I'll add that to his tank.
Rooibos tea is a good additive generally speaking. So is IAL or Oak Leaf.

What are your pH levels? Nobody on this forum with recommend something like pH down because when the chemicals are used up the pH will fluctuate wildly. Bettas will accommodate just about any pH you have as long as the other parameters are fine.

You may want to check that something else isn't happening in the tank because he's probably been in water at that pH level consistently as long as you've had him, unless something else changed recently. Is your tank cycled? That can change pH sometimes.
When i did a 100 percent water change, the PH was at 7.0 which is what its always been. When I tested the water last night (about 4 days later) it was at 7.6. I just did and 50 percent water change and added in the rooibos tea and now the PH is back to 7.0. The only thing i changed was not adding stress coat with his water changes, I'm still using tetra water conditioner. I only add the stress coat when i first got him because he was very stressed and I've used it on all my bettas when i first got them and its helped them adjust to the move better.

no my tank isn't cycled but I do one 50 percent and one 90 percent water change every week. His tank is heated and is 3.5 gallons.
If the pH goes up on it's own, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Keep the rooibos in there since it's good for him, but don't bother getting any chemical products to do that job.

If he's still acting weird, there might be something else going on. In what way was he acting weird?
The only way he was acting weird was that he was just less active. Just sort of staying still at the top of the tank. I got him about 2-3 weeks ago so I'm just super worried. I'm probably worried for no reasons lol.
Well rooibos should help if he's just feeling down (or whatever fish do). Just make sure you keep his water clean and that's the best you can do for him. If he shows any other signs of illness, that's when you have to worry.
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