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weekly water changes

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whew. 5 tanks and each need to be cleaned once a week. Didnt feel like it this week but it had to be done. 1x 120L, 2x 50L, and 2x 35L...i do 50 percent water changes on all of them each week, mostly in anticipation of getting ready for fry and to keep them clean after the fry are big enough. Just finished them now and quite tired too, but a healthy betta is a happy betta :p all my little fin babies are happy and active with lotsa space to investigate
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I feel you. I have 6 tanks, and being a single parent 5 days a week, there are times when I just don't feel like staying up until 11-midnight doing water changes and cleaning tanks. But I do it faithfully, and it's a good feeling seeing the sparkling water and happy fish all the time.
very good feeling indeed. Took a peek at them now, as happy as can be. Mischevous too
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