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Weird Acting Betta

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my 5 1/2 year old veiltail betta, Gill, has been really inactive lately. he will swim frantically with his mouth out of the water for a bit, then settle down, but if he is at the top of the tank, he lays straight up! he looks like he is dead. then if you tap the tank, he does the same thing. he doesnt eat, and he doesnt just cruse around normally, he just stops and goes straight up... im worried, but he has been like this for a week! what going on??:-(
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Old age. :( 5 1/2 years is pretty old for a Betta. Lower the water level so he can get to the top easily.
Well, Gill died a couple days ago :( I think it was his time to go... :(
So sorry for Gill`s passing but wow he lived a long life !
Wow..5 1/2 years..unheard of..soo sorry for your loss..he lived a good long life, with a loving, caring owner..S~I~ P Gill..You will be missed..Under the Rainbow Bridge~
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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